Training For Consultants

Empowering Parents

The dyslexia@bay™ System is unique in that it is the only systematic approach designed to help those students who have been diagnosed as exhibiting symptoms of dyslexia and tackles each and all of those symptoms:

1. Diverse Eye-tracking difficulties which inhibit fluent reading
2. Mechanical Reading resulting in difficulties with comprehension
3. Spelling difficulties/ Phonetic Difficulties
4. Writing and hand-writing difficulties
5. Auditory Sequencing
6. Visual Sequencing difficulties
7. Behavioral difficulties caused by lack of appreciation of consequences
8. Balance and Co-ordination problems

The dyslexia@bay™ System is not a system to diagnose dyslexia but rather a system that aids students who exhibit the symptoms listed above.

The first stage of the dyslexia@bay™ System is to diagnose the unique profile of learning difficulties (and abilities) of the individual concerned. The system examines the underlying thinking processes which can create learning difficulties (and abilities) and this is carried out by presenting the individual with a deceptively simple set of ‘puzzles’ in an informal and relaxed manner. The individual is not required to read out loud and is not required to perform tasks against the clock.

Having determined the individual’s unique set of learning difficulties (and abilities), the consultant then guides the individual through a set of “games, mental skills and physical exercises”, again in a relaxed and informal manner. The purpose of the mental skills is to enhance the individual’s visual processing skills and visual memory to help the individual overcome his/her particular learning difficulties.

The second stage of the dyslexia@bay™ System is for these “games, mental skills and physical exercises” to be carried out at home every day for 28 days so that the new visual processing skills become second nature. The games, mental skills and physical exercises are carried out by the student, under the supervision of the parent(s) or guardians).

Selection of candidates for the dyslexia@bay™ Training Course

Applicants should have:

  • Training in one or more of the following fields: education, social work, counseling or psychology, or have another interest in dyslexia.
  • A completed an application form outlining background, qualifications and their motivation for training as a dyslexia@bay™ Consultant.


Further information or application form can be obtained by e-mail.