Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms Checklists
The signs and symptoms are listed under four headings
  1. Reading Difficulties
  2. Spellings Difficulties
  3. Writing Difficulties
  4. Non-language Difficulties
Every person reading through these lists may identify with one or two signs and symptoms, yet not every person has dyslexia. While reading through the lists remember if someone is exhibiting 6-7 or more signs and symptoms that this may be pointing towards dyslexia.
While Reading Does your Child:
Always Sometimes Never
Read in a hesitant manner?
Run his/her finger underneath the line?
Lose his/her place when reading?
Skip words/lines when reading?
Insert words that are not there?
Re-read the same line again?
Read some words backwards?
Complain of tiredness after reading for a period of time?
Complain of headaches/nausea after reading for a period of time?
Complain of words blurring or moving?
Cover/close one eye when reading?
Move his/her head excessively while reading?
Exhibit sensitivity to glare or sunlight while reading?
Read in a monotone voice?
Ignore punctuation?
Enjoy reading?
Remember the content of the story s/he has read?
While Writing Does your Child:
Always Sometimes Never
Have difficulty writing along a ruled line?
Have difficulty keeping to the margin?
Confuse similar letters: b/d?
Mirror write letters or numbers?
Lose the point of the story being written?
Have lack of or inappropriate use of punctuation?
Omit words/letters or put in the wrong order?
While Spelling Does your Child:
Always Sometimes Never
Forget spellings after a period of time?
Have difficulties sounding out words?
Have difficulty breaking down longer words into constituent parts?
Insert/omit letters when spelling?
Confuse similar sounding words?
Appear competent when spelling orally but have difficulty with spelling during free writing?
Have difficulty writing down a word even when it is dictated?
Does your Child:
Confuse left and right?   
Have difficulty following a set of oral instructions?   
Have difficulty remembering the months of the year or days of the week in the correct order?   
Have difficulty remembering Maths tables?   
Exhibit poor concentration skills?   
Get easily distracted?   
Have difficulty copying down from the board?   
Have difficulty learning to tell the time?   
Show signs of clumsiness?   
Have poor self image or low self-esteem?