Why dyslexia@bay™?

The dyslexia@bay System is a comprehensive system to deal with all of the following aspects of dyslexia:

Long-term recall of spellings

Students are unable to remember a spelling after one, three or nine days. A student has only learned to spell successfully if s/he can remember spellings one month later.

Sound blending difficulties

Students are unable to successfully read or spell by the “sound” of words.

Mechanical reading difficulties

Students read without fully understanding what they are reading.

Eye-tracking difficulties

Students run their finger underneath the line when reading, otherwise lose their place on the page, skip lines, read the same line again, leave out small words such as “of” or “a”, or in extreme cases complain of words moving on the page, or complain about eyes being tired after reading for a period of time.

Sequencing difficulties

Students are unable to follow a set of instructions, e.g. go to your bedroom, get your slippers underneath your bed, pyjamas underneath your pillow, and the book beside your bed and bring them to me. Many individuals with dyslexia cannot follow more than two instructions at a time.

Writing difficulties

Students are unable to put thoughts down on paper in a logical order and hence underachieve in written work at school, despite the fact that they can tell the story orally.

Remember not everybody will have difficulties with all these categories. The dyslexia@bayTM System is designed to pinpoint the exact difficulties that the individual is showing and then each individual is given his/her programme of mental skill exercises to complete which will greatly enhance their learning skills.