Training For Parents

One of the core beliefs of the dyslexia@bay™ System is that parents are the best teachers of their own children. Before children go to school they have already acquired many skills, many of which were learnt through the direct instruction of their parents. 

The dyslexia@bay™ System is designed therefore to train the parents how to teach their child to learn effectively.

Before a dyslexia@bay™ Consultation is arranged the parent(s)/guardian is requested to answer a series of questions by telephone regarding the profile of the child.

During the one-day dyslexia@bay™ Consultation the parent(s)/guardian is always present. During the diagnosis stage, the parent will watch as the dyslexia@bayTM Consultant identifies the underlying causes of the student’s difficulties in learning. The difficulties are explained to the parent such that they will fully understand the difficulties that their child has been experiencing.

The dyslexia@bay™ Consultant will then use a series of mental skill exercises. (Some physical exercise may be necessary too but to a much lesser degree.) The purpose of these exercises is to allow the student to learn more easily and efficiently. For example if a student has an eye-tracking difficulty exercises are carried out to alleviate the difficulties. If the student has difficulty in phonetic processing while spelling or they cannot remember their spellings, exercises are given to give them a new strategy for spelling. If a student has difficulty in remembering what s/he has read, specific exercises are designed to make comprehension easier. So in other words during the consultation students will see immediate success in their ability to learn.

The parent(s)/guardian observe how to complete these mental skills and will watch as they see immediate benefits to their child.

At the end of consultation, the parent(s)/guardian are given written instruction on how to complete the programme of exercises at home with the child.

After the dyslexia@bay™ Consultation the parent(s)/guardian will spend a short time everyday completing the exercises with the child. This programme is repeated for 28 consecutive days starting on the day after the consultation.